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Sparks Research

Sparks Research

* Designed at SLANT
Creative Director: Christopher Cecil

Project Manager: Esmé Melchior


Sparks Research is a small but mighty marketing research firm who decided that it was time to refresh their brand in order to compete with the bigger fish in the sea (aka the mega-conglomerate firms) and to let everyone know that they're talented in many other ways besides market research. They work with a wide range of clients from Fortune 100 global companies and leading national and regional companies in such industries as financial services, retail, automotive, professional services, utilities, higher education, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing and general services industries. So they needed a new identity that was adaptable and could speak to all of these clients.

The inspiration for the final brand was drawn from the personalities of the bold and fun employees, as well as the fact that Sparks is always looking for a solution for their clients from a different angle.